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Activate ABC on your Device – Online Guide

ABC stands for American Broadcasting Company. It is a commercial TV network and broadcast radio owned by The Walt Disney Company. However, its broadcasting operations are almost exclusive to television. The company has more than 230 affiliated and 8 owned-and-operated TV stations in the United States. ABC also provides some featuring content and news for some other radio stations.

After registering for ABC services, you need to activate it on your device. This can be easily done online.

Read on the following short guide to learn how to activate ABC online on your device.

How to activate ABC online on your device

It only takes you a couple of simple steps to activate ABC online on your device. Below is all that you need to do:

Step 1: Download and install the ABC app on your device

Step 2: Open the ABC app

Step 3: Choose “Sign in” and follow the provided prompts to verify your new ABC account

Step 4: Request the activation code from your device

Step 5: Visit the official website for activating ABC at

Step 6: Enter the activation code

Step 7: Click on “Continue”

Step 8: Choose the name of your TV provider

Step 9: Sign in with the information of your TV provider

Step 10: After signing in, you have now successfully activated ABC on your device

Other information you need to know

Before activating ABC online on your device, here are a few important things to know:

– In case the activation code does not work, it means the code might be expired. You can choose “Refresh Code” on the “Activate” screen to get a new code

– You need an account for a participating TV provider before activating ABC on your device

– Keep in mind that the availability of specific episodes and shows can be subject to change

– When your internet provider and TV provider are not the same, it is advisable to use the username and password of the participating TV provider

– Several TV providers might ask you to verify your account again after a pre-set time period

List of relevant links

Below is a list of some relevant links that you should know when activating ABC online on your device:

– Official site of ABC:

– ABC support center:

– Frequently asked questions:

– List of contact information:

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