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Capital One Credit Card Activation Guide

Capital One is an American bank company. It specializes in different financial services, including auto loans, credit cards, as well as savings and banking accounts. Based in Virginia, Capital One is one of the largest banks in the country with more than 750 branches and 2,000 ATMs.

Capital One offers many credit card options for different purposes and groups. Once you have registered and received your card, it is necessary to activate it before enjoying the benefits.

Keep reading the following sections to learn how to activate a credit card by Capital One online.

How to activate a credit card by Capital One online

It is simple to activate a credit card by Capital One online. Here are two ways to activate your card.

Activate your card online

Step 1: Visit the official website for activating Capital One cards at

Step 2: Choose “Enrol here“ if you have not had an account

Step 3: Enter your personal information and financial information as requested by the site

Step 4: Create a new username and password for your Capital One account

Step 5: Go to the card activation site again and select “Sign in”

Step 6: Use the registered information to log in your new account

Step 7: Choose “Activate credit card service” on the main dashboard

Step 8: Follow the on-screen prompts and choose “Activate” to finish

Activate your card by phone

Step 1: You can activate your credit card by calling 1-800-678-7820.
Step 2: If you are a customer in Canada, please call 1-800-655-5646 to activate your card.

Important information that you need to know

There are a few important things that you need to know when activating a credit card by Capital One online:

– Apart from online activation, a Capital One credit cardholder can also call the customer service and ask for an activation

– Keep in mind to prepare the 3-digit code before activating your Capital One credit card. It will be requested during the activation. You can find this information on the back of the card

– If you are the authorized user, then all of the cards in the same account will be simultaneously activated once your primary credit card is activated

List of relevant links

Below is a list of some relevant links that you need to keep in mind when activating a credit card by Capital One online:

– Official website of the Capital One:

– Capital One support center:

– Capital One contact:

– Capital One mobile app:

– All credit card options at Capital One:

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