Sunday, July 5, 2020

GoToAssist Support Session Online Guide

GoToAssist, now known as RescueAssist, is a cloud-based platform that provides remote support for customer support firms and IT support services. The company is based in Massachusetts. All users can assess and control some Internet-connected devices and remote computers provided by GoToAssist to provide technical support for their clients. This makes it easier for businesses to organize and improve online support and sessions with customers.

If you are a new user at GoToAssist, then it is important to learn the first few things about this platform.

Read on our guide to learn how to set up a new support session on GoToAssist online.

How to Set Up a New Support Session on GoToAssist Online

It takes only a few simple steps to set up a new support session on GoToAssist online. Here is all that you need to follow:

Step 1: Go to the official site for GoToAssist support session setup at

Step 2: Fill out your full name into the box

Step 3: Fill out the support key, which you are received from the technician

Step 4: Choose “Continue“

Step 5: Read and follow the provided instructions to download GoTo Opener to your device

Step 6: Wait for a few minutes until your device are connected, meaning that you have successfully created a new support session

Other Information You Need to Know

Before setting up a new support session on GoToAssist, here are a few important things to know:

– To enjoy the benefits and use services provided by GoToAssist, you need to download and set up an app package to your desktop

– You can use this cloud-based service to connect with a desktop computer or mobile device and enjoy real-time support

– To improve the experience for both the supporters and customers, there will be a couple of features available during a support session

– Currently, GoToAssist charges $55 per month for each agent when billed annually or $69 per month for each agent when billed monthly

– You could choose to add a mobile plug-in with $20 per month for each agent. Added supports include camera share, device information, and remote control

List of Relevant Links

Below is a list of some relevant links that you should know when setting up a new support session on GoToAssist:

– Official site of GoToAssist:

– GoToAssist support center:

– GoToAssist community:

– GoToAssist videos:

– Assess to all products:

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