Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to Activate YouTube on Your Devices

YouTube is the largest online video-sharing site in the world. Based in California, the platform allows its users to upload, share, and make money from their videos. There is a variety of contents available like documentary films, video clips, music videos, live streams, movie trailers, and more. Currently, the site has around 500 hours of uploaded video content per minute and the annual revenue is up to $15 billion.

You can download and activate YouTube on any device and start watching video content on the site.

Read on this guide to learn how to activate YouTube online on your device.

How to Activate YouTube Online on Your Device

You can easily activate YouTube online on your device by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Search and download the YouTube app on your television

Step 2: If you have not had a YouTube account, then click on “Sign Up“ and follow the provided instructions to create a new one

Step 3: Use the newly registered account information to sign in the YouTube app

Step 4: On another device like mobile or desktop, visit the official site of for activating YouTube at

Step 5: Sign in to the same YouTube account as you are using with the YouTube app on your television

Step 6: Enter the code from your device

Step 7: Click on “Register” to complete the process. Now your device has been connected and you can start streaming and watching your favorite video content online

Important Information that You Need to Know

Before starting to activate YouTube online on your device, make sure to keep in mind the following information:

– The method mentioned above can only be used for activating YouTube on mobile devices and desktop. For smart TVs, you need to download the YouTube app for free and follow the provided instructions

– During the registration, keep in mind that your television and mobile or desktop should be in the same Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, the code will not be valid

– The YouTube app is only available on those smart television models that were built from 2013 onwards

List of Relevant Links

Below are a few important links that you should keep in mind when registering Amazon Prime Video online on your device:

– Official site of YouTube:

– YouTube community:

– YouTube support center:

– List of the contact information:

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