Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to Join & Use Meetup

Meetup is a platform where you find new people, learn new things, and pursue your passions together. It has 6,996 groups worldwide that appeal to anyone.

You can expand your social group and build long-lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. For instance, you can join career groups to test a network, learn new language/skill, or pitch investors.

Alternatively, you can join creative groups to write a screenplay, create a podcast, or design something. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can meet nature lovers and enjoy outdoor activities together.

How to join Meetup

#1 Log in to your Meetup account

#2 Go to the homepage and select the group you wish to join

#3 Click on the “Join us” section

#4 Once the organizer approves your request, you’ll be added as a new member

How to use online

#1 Visit the right-hand corner of the homepage and create an account on your browser

#2 There’s an option to use your email address, Facebook, or Google account

#3 Create a group and meet people you share common interests

How to use meetup by phone

#1 Log in into your account

#2 Select the group you want to join

#3 Click “join us” on the mobile web or download the meetup app

What else you should know

The most important aspect of this platform is the user-friendly interface. And because the onboarding process is easy, you can get started when you understand the basics. Each time you log in, the homepage shows the activities happening today, tomorrow, next weekend, next week or any day. More interestingly, you can filter the groups you’ve selected. shows different categories of interests you’d like to explore. For example, if you have a business idea and you’d like to get off the ground you should click the Career and Business category. Make sure you tell people about yourself to ensure you get the perfect match. Since the meetup app is free to download, you don’t pay a dime to join a group. You only pay if you want to create a meetup. Of course, every meetup group must be led by an organizer.

If you’re looking for a better way to grow your meetup groups, you should try meetup pro. Join thousands of businesses to build brand awareness and drive community growth. By tapping into the huge data on the platform, you can drive revenue to your company. And with Mailchimp integration, you can build your email database and focus on user engagement. They will guide you on how to find communities that align with your goals. allows the organizer to report abusive group members. If you have any concerns, you should send an email to the organizer and they will address them.


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