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Manage Your AT&T Rewards & Rebates Program Offers Online

AT&T is the largest telecommunications firm in the world. Based in Dallas, Texas, it provides a lot of telephone services, both fixed and mobile, in the United States.

If you are a customer of AT&T, then there are many special offers to enjoy by participating in the Rewards and Rebates programs.

Keep reading our guide to learn how to join and manage your benefits in this program of AT&T.

Redemption guide to the Rewards and Rebates program by AT&T

In each promotional period, you can get many great offers from the Rewards and Rebates program via your purchases at AT&T. If you have joined one of these programs, then it’s time to manage your offers in the Rewards and Rebates Center. You can find all of the information and benefits at In the next section, we will show you some simple steps to do that.

How to manage Home Solutions at AT&T

Here are a few simple steps to help you manage your Home Solutions at AT&T

Step 1: Go to the AT&T Home Solution” section. Make sure that you need to subscribe to an AT&T service before doing this step. These include Home Phone & Internet, DirectTV, or U-verse

Step 2: Choose “Redeem” and use your information to log in

Step 3: Click on provided options to redeem your rewards or rebates

Step 4: Provide your confirmation number and redemption ID, then choose “Go”

Step 5: Once you have received your reward cards, choose “Activate/Check Balance” to complete

How to manage Wireless Devices at AT&T

This service is designed for wireless users. Below are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the “Wireless Devices” section at

Step 2: Choose “Check status” to access the rebate processing center

Step 3: Enter the displayed captcha and choose “Submit”

Step 4: Check the details of your mail-in rebates

Step 5: Click on “Check status”

Step 6: Enter the 10 digits of your card number to complete

How to manage the Refer-a-Friend program at AT&T

The Refer-a-Friend offers nearly $575 per year when you refer AT&T services to other people. These include Home Phone, Wireless, U-verse, Digital Life, and more.

Step 1: Go to the “Refer-a-Friend” tab

Step 2: Click on “Learn more”

Step 3: Log in your account with the username and password

Step 4: Click on “Someone referred me” or “I want to refer someone”

Step 5: Follow the provided instructions to provide your personal information

Step 6: Agree to the official rules and choose “Register” to complete the process

To be eligible for the referring program at AT&T, you have to have at least $9.99 in your account or a more rate plan. In addition, a referee must make at least $39.99 in purchase per month.

List of relevant links

Here are a few relevant links when you are managing the Rewards and Rebates program from AT&T:

– Frequently asked questions:

– List of contact information:

– Wireless support:

– Returns policy and early termination fee:

– Reward center of AT&T:

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